Enigmatic Expedition is your chance to participate in an adventure that will have you interacting online through your well loved social network site whilst enjoying taking the scenic route in our beautiful country! Cool prizes to follow. Enjoy your journey!!

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Transmedia Research

4D Fiction
Reading many of these articles gave great insight to the minds of people out there in the business. Albeit, opinionated in their rants, I enjoyed reading “Your Mom is Transmedia”, it is true this is a label to describe the process in which you tell a story and the method itself is in no way a new experience. Anything we’ve ever watched on t.v. was a written story to begin with, then role played/acted out on a set, and viewed by the masses on a show represented by a network. The newer quality and something that producers/directors are producing more of is the participation aspect of these stories. As with games, shows are becoming more and more interactive, through platforms such a twitter and youtube and blogs-behind the scenes filming and tweets on how the actors are on form that day, just regular, everyday stuff that has the audience more involved or clued in. Not a fan of following these ‘tweets’ myself, the participation/playing of a game would be much more rewarding/entertaining and a reason to return and play the game.(to create something the user finds engaging) raised some good points here also, looking at storytelling from a photographer’s perspective.

Projector image of HBO voyeur at the Cannes Film FestivalThe Online Advert titled VOYEUR INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN was done by Big Spaceship advertising agency for product: HBO Voyeur (brand: HBO) in United States. It was released in the Oct 2008.

west2ndst.”the mortician”east85th st.”the housewife”prince st. “the meditator”

{Def.:Voyeur, someone who participates in the act of voyeurism…  to spy, watch someone secretively.}  The campaign was produced on this foundation with a slogan…
“See what people do when they think no one is Watching”

Users could access related content on through various platforms such as blogs, fictional web pages, social networking sites and HBO channels.

These unusual advertisements began to crop up across the states. At first glance, it looks like a regular drink commercial, however, Tru Blood is a synthetic blood for vampires to drink without the consequences of victimizing humans. Cleverly advertising the show but from a different perspective. For fans of the show, they can really become involved and visit any number of fake sites.i.e. a site for members of this cult-like, anti-vampire group), a website dedicated to fans of the show where you can buy trublood merchandise.

HBO’s True Blood
Anna Paquin stars as a waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, in a small town in southern USA. Stephen Moyer’s character, who plays her love interest, is a vampire. The show dramatizes real issues we are faced with in society today.


Anti Robot Milita
An organisation made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds from countries all over the world. They share the same values, which is to live a simpler, machine-free live. They believe that the children of generations to come should not be slaves to machines. They believe that coming together as a group, united, they will lead them to achieving their goal.
These images are from the opposition, believing that they have the right to vote just as much as the next person

The Beast
The science fiction film A.I., directed by Steven Spielberg was released in 2001. The Beast was a creation by Microsoft, to promote the film, & is said to be “one of the most influential early ARG games”. The build up to the film’s release had much of a following with people participating via alternate games, forums and websites. The issues in the film were brought to the surface and users could chose which side they were on; humans or machines. (above are screen grabs of online content from opposing sides)


Perplex City
A global success, Perplex City is an story adventure spread across many media platforms. In the bid to find the treasure, players, from 92 countries, can interrogate suspects over the phone, search police files for evidence, decipher coded emails and check newspapers for clues to find out the whereabouts of the Receda Cube, an “artefact’ buried in a hidden location. The winner, Mr. Darley, found the object in a wood in Northamptonshire.
The first of the Perplex Cities chapter took two years to build the community and characters, because of this the second coming won’t be available as soon as initially hoped.



Access to games page on E4 website

Custom ‘Misfits’ Space Invaders

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So here is my moodboard with an array of images I came across through research. Firstly you can see the statement ‘switch off’ which is how my first sketches for a logo began. Playing around with the spelling of digital youth in windows/with LEDS/projected on the side of a building. The silhouette image has building outlines which inspired me because of the shapes, I went with a ‘block like’ shape which could in itself represent the structure of a building. The misfits homepage ties in as it’s a site for young people, but the style they use is quite interesting: gritty, edgy as is the show. The combination of this (illustrated) urban style with a clean, (photographic)computerized, almost futuristic style works very well. I would very much like my end design to succesfully combine these elements. All sorts of ideas came to me after coming across HBO’s voyeur, a multimedia story told across different media platforms. The whole cityscape theme is quite interesting and the public’s attraction to the story shows the potential to expand on that theme, perhaps, with a younger audience. I think if they were more involved, it could (virtually) be somewhere they’d like to hang out, enjoy, play games, and they chat to their mates about it, blog online even. So, it got me to thinking about an urban environment with a cool atmosphere…

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